Homeowner Information

  • Got a question? Want to understand the difference between a heat pump and a dual fuel system?
    Looking for some quick tips on trouble shooting your system?
    Trouble Guide
    Want to be a "green" homeowner? Here are some tips regarding your heating and cooling system.
    Going Green
    Don't understand the difference between EER and SEER? Need help understanding terminology?
    Energy Ratings
    How to choose a contractor.
    Choosing a Contractor
  • Not sure how a heat pump works or need to review a basic owner manual?
    Heat Pump Basics
    Need a place to start in understanding heating and air conditioning?
    Homeowner Guide 101
    Have allergies? Tired of a dusty home? Want to understand what MERV ratings mean on filters?
    MERV Ratings
    Glossary of HVAC terms
    HVAC Glossary